Come see STARCORP - A new series my friend and I are working on!

First game I've ever made on flash. No hatin'

Fixed a few bugs:

*Menu Bar links opening in new tab
*Weird white splotch behind menu bar

    How do you like the new layout?

Cleaned up the site a bit!

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Recent changes as of July 11, 2010: I changed the design thingy, deleted/hid any of my confusing and/or stupid pages, and kinda cleaned up some of the crap.
Future changes: Hopefully I'll remember to start a blog page so that I will stop posting weird entries and crap on my home page. I'll work on some other stuff like TwoIdiotsinaBarrel comics and maybe some other OC.

Due to lack of giving a crap, this website has become a confusing basket of fail. I'll try to fix it soon...
-July 11, 2010

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