I am officially proud of myself. 

I ripped a phonebook in half.

Yes, with my bare hands. :D

It took a while. This is how it went in my head:
But I have a feeling that this is what actually happened.
I'm still proud of myself. :D
I just realized that I haven't posted in a while, since I've been busy exercising (my right to have no life).
As an apology for the long time without posting, here's a picture of a Dinosaur.
I recently found out my cousin got in trouble for touching a kid. Now, I know what you're thinking, but he touched the kid lightly on the chin. On the CHIN! The kid's dad came over and yelled at my cousin for "hitting" the kid. I don't get it! Why do giant dads abuse their God-given gift of being really large?? My cousin described this guy as a giant! He didn't say if he was big because of muscle or fat, so it was either this:
Or this...

Rain D:



Hooray! I forgot to post yesterday.
So basically I've been going crazy. We haven't gotten ANY rain this summer, no matter how many rain clouds pass over us. Mother Nature hates me. Okay, I'm sorry I peed on that plant, we were on the highway and there were no bathrooms!! Please, mother nature, make it rain!!
So yeah, I have the worst short-term memory out of everyone I know. I named my blog page "LTCDP Blog" because it was an acronym, and I've already forgotten what it stood for.....
Yeah I still have no idea...
Uhh... I'll make a post about it when I remember.
Lick the chocolate diaper pie?
Like the cool dude post?


Okay, out of those, it should be Like the Cool Dude People.

Uhh... yeah. It's a blog. Deal with it. So... I don't have much to talk about. Wait, I do! Ice cream! For you (yes, you), I have a little suggestion. Shoutout to all y'all who live or will live in Sacramento, California: CHECK OUT GUNTHER'S QUALITY ICE CREAM!! It's been around for like, 70 years, and they haven't changed the quality since they started. It's some of the best ice cream you can get anywhere in town, hands down. Don't even try to top this. 
Try comparing Gunther's to Cold Stone Creamery. Cold Stone doesn't have a chance. It's like if Gunther's had a gun and Coldstone was a melty cup thing.

NOTE: Your ice cream may or may not actually smoke or carry around a badly drawn revolver. Kthxbye.
YAY! I finished my first post! I have survived the klogger's world so far! (Klogger- short for EveryoneKnowsAddingABlogWillMakeMySiteSuckLog.)